About Us – SincereReigns

Born out of passion, and the determination to excel on his own terms, SincereReigns (S.O.A.R.)(Let It Reign) the brand consisting of Kevin Gaines as creator, owner, operator, along with Team Reigns, strives to create a brand that's reflective of those who are genuine (Sincere) about controlling there ruling their own destiny (Reigns). The philosophy is to create clothing for the consumer, by someone just like yourself, a consumer. Tired of the status quo and the typical "run of the mill everyday look, we've put together a collection that says "I'm HOT and YOU know it!" 

SincereReigns full pseudonym: Sincere Omarion Alowais Reigns (S.O.A.R.). For those of us who are willing to go against the grain, chase their dreams and S.O.A.R. while accomplishing their goals, while not being stuck in the proverbial box of what success looks, that life wants to put you in.

SincereReigns....determination, excellence and boldness of an individual and a millennial generation who has the courage to do things "their way, on their terms." 

Fly high, or as we say here, "Let It Reign" and "S.O.A.R." with your dreams.